The Super Blanky I bought for my grandson was fabulous! He wears it all day. What a great gift at a great price! Love it!!


Super Blanky is such a genius idea. I purchased one for my nephew. He enjoys using it and the matching mask as he entertains himself and others as an action hero. What’s even better is that he can quickly transform himself while still wearing his Super Blanky to cuddle up and either watch a movie, read a book, or take a nap without his Blanky falling off!


Within seconds of opening the package, the masks were on, the blankies were in cape mode, and the kids were zooming around the house playing superhero. This is the most important thing that Super Blanky does: it sparks the imaginations of children and encourages them to engage in creative play away from television, tablet or computer.

John Marcotte


As a mom, I love everything about the Super Blanky. The first huge plus is the design. Two panels are sewn on the inside of the cape for children to insert their arms, thus eliminating the possibility of strangulation. The Super Blanky also is a rectangular shape which makes it a perfect blanket.

Amber Louchart


Thank You. I received the Super Blanky I won and my granddaughter loves it!


I absolutely love the Super Blankys! They’re Christmas gifts for my four grandchildren and I’m positive they’ll love them just as much as I do. They will be surprised and get a lot of use out of them I’m sure. Thanks for the quick service!


We ❤️ Super Blanky! My kids cannot live without theirs!


Thank you for my order. My great nephew and niece will love these birthday presents. Great products, easy ordering, and fast delivery!


I’m sure my kids and my niece will love them. Can’t wait to get photos of the three of them at Christmas. When I showed my son the blanket I bought for my daughter he begged to get one too.


My girls love to dress up and can always be found putting some outfit/costume on. They were so excited to have a cape that they could wear. We do have some hooded blankets that they would always try to put on and run around with. They never seemed to stay on and the girls would just get frustrated. With the wonderful arm holes on the blanket, the girls can get them on and leave them on as they run about.



I had a hard time getting my kids to leave their plain blankets home. Can’t imagine leaving a “Super Blanky!”


Just wanted to share with you how much the kids love their masks and wonder belts. They use the masks also, as goggles and jump off a stool which is a diving board and then swim, swim, swim!


Thank you so much for the Super Blanky (and special delivery) for Isabelle!! She absolutely adores it! She goes everywhere with it!


My nieces and nephews adore their Super Blankys! I love that they can use them for imagination play and cuddle in them. The wearable sleeves are too fun. I love that you can fold it like a regular blanket too. What a great idea!


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