Where can I buy Super Blanky® products?

Super Blanky®, products are available exclusively at Target® stores and at target.com. Enter “super blanky” into the Target search bar to find your favorite!

What licensed characters are Super Blanky® products available in?

Super Blanky® is available in the following licensed characters: Batman®, Jurassic World®, Paw Patrol® (Chase & Skye), Trolls®, PJ Masks®, Despicable Me 3®, Emoji Nation® and My Little Pony®.

What are Super Blanky® products made of?

Super Blanky® is made of 100% microfiber.

What size are Super Blanky® blankets?

Super Blanky® dimensions are 40″W x 50″L.

How do I wash my Super Blanky® and accessories?

Machine wash, tumble dry.

How do I wear a Super Blanky®?

Well that’s super easy! You just slip your arms right into the sleeves as though you’re putting on a coat and whoosh, boom, zap you’re wearing a Super Blanky®! No fasteners to break, no ties to tear, no buttons to loosen, no velcro to gunk up, and no risky neckbands! So simple and totally super. Watch our video!

Do you make Super Blanky® products for adults or in my favorite sports team, collegiate or licensed character logos?

Not yet though we have super plans for Super Blanky® and encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exciting news as it develops.

Do all of your Super Blanky® products come with a mask?

Yes, all of our blankets come with a coordinating superhero mask! Isn’t that SUPER?

What is your copyright and trademark policy?

Content, marks and all designs on this site and associated with our brand Super Blanky® are the sole and exclusive property of Super Blanky®, LLC. The reproduction, use or republication of this content is strictly prohibited without a grant of usage by Super Blanky®, LLC.


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